The Pikesburg Chronicles

Session 1: Introductions

Thanks to lordofgibberish for typing this up!

- PookaKnight

You are in a bar… God dammit wrong game….

Its a Thursday after 3rd period and the Sidhe was just a dick, again. Fuck, wrong game again…

It was a stormy night. Well, actually it wasn’t. It was a rather pleasant night, if memory serves, when five previously unrelated individuals received a fateful call. The caller, one Grace Jones, a reporter on the stranger goings on of the city of Pikesburg. Her call would change the trajectory of more than she knows and save her life more than once.

A nightclub proprietor surveying his flock is asked if Grace can meet him and some others at his bar. Always a gracious host, he offers hospitality.

A musician in between gigs is asked if he can come and help Grace out of some trouble. Always willing to do a favor for a lady, he sallies forth to aid the fair maid.

A rebel looking out for mother earth is asked if she can come and help save God’s children. Always ready to fight the good fight, she heads off to a new campaign.

A stage magician that does magic and Magick is asked if he will make some problems disappear. Always looking to show his skills, he sets off to perform a show that won’t soon be forgotten.

A private detective that works a dead beat more often than not is asked to come solve a mystery. Always seeking the answers to a riddle, he leaves to find the heart of the problem.

The five meet at the Second Circle, a nightclub located in the abandoned subway tunnels below Pikesburg. The club is a well known establishment among a certain kind of people. They all arrive before Grace does and spend some time eying each other. They have had little, if any interaction, with each other in the past. They are: Mobius the magician, are well known throughout the city for his amazing shows; Nick Powers, an investigator known for the scandal that he drags around behind him; Jake Moony, a musician in an up and coming underground band, the Blackwater Reflections; Amane Omu, a well known environmental crusader; and Dante, the owner of the fine establishment in which they find themselves standing. Finally one breaks the ice, and asks if they know why they were summoned by Grace Jones. All profess to be ignorant.

Shortly after they begin to talk, Grace Jones arrives. She is very flustered and only has time to say that she is worried about recent events in the city, mentioning several seeming unrelated events. After this little information, she collapses on the ground, though some of the five sense that unseen forces are at work. Mobius blocks the entrance to the room by bending space, while Amane, Dante, and Jake work look to Grace. It is apparent that she is in great pain and dying very quickly, though the cause appears to be dark powers using something akin to a voodoo doll. By working together Amane, Dante, and Jake manage to keep her alive until they can put her in a death like state, convincing her attacker she has succumbed to its workings.

Meanwhile, while others worked to save Grace, Nick worked on something more in line with his talents. Grace had dropped a folder holding some papers. A quick inspection showed they seemed to pertain to what she had been talking about. Sorting through, it becomes clear that each event is full of violence and death and they seem to be marking a pattern on the city in blood: a school shooting, a drive-by shooting, and a recent incident in which a postal worker attacked his workplace. Furthermore, they each occur exactly one week apart, with one week since the last incident falling on the following day. Mobius, examining the papers after securing the door, takes an interest in a book that is held by the culprit in one of the shootings, though is vague on why and insists that it is unrelated.

Once Grace was secured against further attack, the decision was made to see if she had more information that what she had on her by checking her apartment. AFter a brief complication of unsealing the door, they arrive at her apartment and lip up to her floor. Using Grace’s key to open the lock, they quickly make their way to her study and find her files. The entire room is strewn with hardcopies and she has a computer covered with post it notes. Amane moves to check the computer, while the rest go through the files lying everywhere. They quickly discover that Grace has put together a dossier on any individual that might be connected with the supernatural, even managing to find files on themselves. She suspects of Dante and Mobius of using magic and Jake of having a life changing trip to the Middle East. Amane and Nick, she suspects, have been possessed. However, the more interesting find is a list of names of many the same individuals as in her files, but all the names are crossed out except the five names of the people she had called.

Amane had some luck getting the computer running and found a diagram that Grace drew of the city, with a circle connecting the 3 locations and two previously unknown locations. Once of these locations has a note that is simply a date from a month ago with a question mark. Then a grenade is launched through the study window…

Everyone quickly evacuates the room, but not fast enough since a few are caught in the blast. They burst out of the building to be met by two Men in Black, who fire on them with a chain gun and a grenade launcher making the simple statement “Reality deviants”.

The struggle is brief and brutal, ending with the Men in Black lying broken on the ground and more than on of the investigators being injured, but they lack the time. The clues point towards something occurring the next day around noon. Now they just need to know where.

The two sites that they have narrowed it down to are a location in financial district and a place on the very wrong side of town. First, checking the financial district location yields nothing. It appears to have nothing amiss. It being very late, everyone is leery of looking into the other location, instead they investigate the other three locations. They quickly discover the signs of a large city-wide ritual, tracing out a pentagram over the circle they had previously seen. There is some debate over the ritual does. The more educated individuals guess that this is a summoning ritual, with Jake feeling certain that it is summoning Lucifer himself, though Nick and Amane quietly scoff at the idea.

Everyone prepares to defend the financial district, though some doubt remains if there could be an attack at in the slums. Then, Mobius says he will find out. He leaves for a while then comes back and says he can confirm that the event already occurred in the slums, though he is very cagey on his sources. He just insists he is sure they are reliable.

People move off on there own to prepare and rest before the ordeal the next day. They agree to meet again in the morning at a dinner they all know for breakfast.

Everyone is there on time except Mobius, who oversleeps and almost misses the whole thing. A brief discussion and it is decided that once particular bank is the most likely place to attack, so everyone moves in to insinuate themselves and look inconspicuous. Amane stages a last minute protest outside. Dante goes looking for banking advice while Mobius tries to stay awake nearby. Jake and Nick position themselves outside to look for trouble.

Then Jake spots a man armed to the teeth, and then notices an unworldly aura to him. Recognizing him as a servant of the darkness, Jake reveals himself to servant and tells him that by his authority the servant must leave at once. Seeing the blazing figure before him, the creature flees only to be cut down in the street by Men in Black accompanied by a woman. No one seems to notice as the thing dies and is removed.

After waiting until well past the appointed hour, everyone reconvenes at the Second Circle to check on Grace. She is only just now waking up, and is flustered thinking she has just fainted. She is relieved to discover the crisis was (probably) averted, but distressed with the news that the mastermind was not discovered. Then came the discussion on what to do with her now that her apartment was bombed out and, according to the papers, Grace’s recent demise in her apartment.



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