Proprietor of the Second Circle.


“Wasting my power? I don’t call curing a hangover a waste, my dear sister.”

Work in progress


Born in a family whose few enlightened follow the Order of Hermes, Dante has chosen a much more path of awakened excitement that is the Cult of Ecstasy. Ever the family black-sheep, Dante has chosen club ownership over the boring stagnation of the family corporate business.

He was born as Brighton Lucio Titus Hedera, a member of Pikesburg’s prominent and very well-to-do Hedera family. The youngest child of his parents, he was set to fall in line with family interests and be the ever loyal scion. He was a bright and straight-laced, though nothing stood out. He went through life dutifully, passing through high school and college with no complications

The humdrum that was normalcy for him continued until just after college graduation. The soon to be mage had his degree and was set to become more involved with the family business and start the expected family with the two-point-five kids. Then his awakening changed everything.

The Hedera upbringing was designed to subtly influence those in the family who did awaken to lean toward the Order of Hermes Tradition. This tradition route would have been the way Dante would have followed if not for chance, fate, or whatever one wants to call it had not intervened.

The awakening happened after graduation. There was a build up to it, but it’s climatic zenith happened at a post graduation party. Dante went to one to relax, an to fufil a curiousity that his studies had previously gave cause for him to ignore. During the process of said party, Dante’s drink was spiked by those who thought the Hedera scion could be used to get money out of the family. Then things got weird.

Dante’s full awakening happened while under the spiked-drink’s influence and much of the events surrounding his initial awakening are still a blur to him. But when he came to his senses he was being watched over by a member of the Cult of Ecstacy who was there partly for free booze, but also because her Timey-Wimey-Senses were tingling about what was going to happen.

The Older mage gave the younger mage a crash course in what he was. Had it been the Order of Hermes who was with Dante at first, he would certainly still be on the family’s good side. But Dante felt alive for the first time. For too long he had merely drifted through life at the direction of others. For the first time he felt how awesome reality and life was, and that he should live it fully.

Over the next few years Dante became a black-sheep of the Hedera family. Through Dante’s own smarts and will, he has made a comfortable living. He is the proud is the owner of the underground goth-punk nightclub, The Second Circle. The nightclub has been around for a few years and is a hip underground nightclub, both literally and figuratively. He views the club as hang-out and neutral territory for mages, though would probably keep his neutrality rule for any supernatural he finds out about that would be willing to follow the rules. At first out of necessity for running such a club, Dante has also built up a good amount of contacts and brokers information on the side.

Dante’s independence is important to him. He also loves a good time, as is the standard for what his tradition is known for, but he is responsible about it. Though he does prefers people thinking he’s inept for a mage rather than prove them wrong initially.

Dante is currently the Cult of Ecstasy fellow of Pikesburg’s main chantry. He finds this turn of events amusing. He plans on enjoying the chantry’s resources before the Deacon finds someway to get him kicked out, though he does take his position seriously.


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