Nickolas (Nick) Powers

Private Investigator, and occasional Angel of Death


Strength 3, Dexterity 3, Stamina 2
Charisma 1, Manipulation 3, Appearance 2
Perception (Aware) 4, Intelligence 3, Wits 3

Alertness 3, Athletics 2, Awareness 3, Brawl 1, Empathy 1, Intimidation 1, Intuition 3, Streetwise 1
Drive 1, Firearms 2, Security 1, Stealth 2
Investigation 3, Law 1, Medicine 3, Research 3, Science 1

Resources 1, Pacts 2, Contacts 3 (Grace Jones, Joe the Policeman, The General), Legacy 1

Death 2, Spirits 1, Realms 1

Conscience 2, Conviction 2, Courage 2

Permanent Faith 4
Permanent Torment 4, Temporary Torment 1
Willpower 6

Apocalyptic Form
Low Torment Abilities:
Casts No Reflection (2), Pass Without a Trace (2), Night Sight (1), Wings (3)

High Torment Abilities:
Aura of Entropy (2), Death Grip (4), Howl of the Damned (1), Claws/Teeth (1)

Eidetic Mememory (2), Firearm’s License (PI License) (2), Dreams of the Past (3)

Mired in Scandal (2), Ghoulish Sense of Humor (1), Flashbacks (3)

Experience: 0 current / 12 total

Revolver, Lt
Damage: 4, Range: 12, Rate: 3, Clip: 6, Conceal: P

Revolver, Hvy
Damage: 6, Range: 35, Rate: 2, Clip: 6, Conceal: J


Born in the boom of Pikesburg, he was raised by a lower middle class family that had immigrated there looking for work. He was second of two, he has an older sister. His father died in an industrial accident shortly after he was born, and his mother worked two jobs to make ends meet and give the children a chance at a better life. His sister put herself through college, found a job, and generally succeeded by any standard. Nickolas seemed to enjoy similar success, graduating high school and attending a community college, with help from his mother and sister. He joined the police force shortly after getting an associates, and proposed to the girl he had been dating since high school, Kim. They had two children, a boy and a girl.

An anti-corruption probe found that his unit was riddled with dirty money and dirtier cops. All of his sins were dragged out an examined. His every mistake was considered ignorance, stupidity, or corruption. As the razor cut deeper, many of his oldest friends were fired or charged. In the end, he was a victim of the miasma of suspicion and guilt that lay over the department. He was fired and all but accused, though no evidence could be found. The newspapers were not kind.

In all this turmoil, he missed the warning signs coming from home. Money was short since so much of it had to be used to fend off the attacks at work (lawyers and counter propaganda). He spent so much time away from home dealing with work, that his wife found other ways to entertain herself. He later found out it started by her going to bars to blow off some steam, and ended in affairs and addiction. He never found all that she got into. Just as he was wising up to the situation tragedy struck. His son got suspended for fighting at school and they called his parents to pick him up. Nickolas was being informed that he would likely lose his job and should be glad that they weren’t putting him on trial, so he couldn’t be reached. His mother arrived much the worse for wear. Its hard to say what happened exactly, but on the car ride home there was an accident. The pileup included several cars and a semi. There were four fatalities, two of which were Kim and their son.

This shook him to his core. He sent his daughter to stay with his sister, until he was ready, and trying to sort out the mess. He found out his wife had not renewed the car insurance and that they were near defaulting on the house. The stress of it all left him reaching for the bottle to get through it. He had no choice but to declare bankruptcy under mounting debts and legal bills. The lawyers took everything but the clothes on his back. He fell deeper into the bottle as things worsened. He went to his sister for help. She helped as she could, but as the drinking got worse, she told him that she wouldn’t help him until he cleaned himself up.

In an attempt to clean himself up, he got a PI license and started Powers Investigations. He used the last of his connections to get an office space in an old defunct warehouse, for the low price of doing favors for the owners when they needed it. However, the work didn’t agree with his addiction. Too much time in bars meeting clients or watching illicit rendezvous. Soon his drinking habit came back, until it consumed him. Almost blind drunk, he stumbled into his apartment in the wee hours of the morning and mistook the wrong bottle for his emergency alcohol supply.

Divine Side


House: Halaku (Angel of Death)

Faction: Cryptics (but only as much as he is aligned with anyone, which isn’t much)

The decision to move without the Creator’s approval was not an easy one. But calamity was on the horizon. How could the being stand by and do nothing? If the Creator would do nothing, then was it not for his Creations to defend that which he had made? He was made by the Divine Will, so if he felt it was his to act, then was it not part of Divine Will? When it became clear that his decision was not correct, it was an easy decision all would be by His Hand.

Banished, to a prison of nothingness and his compatriots, the being waited. Then it raged. Then it coldly hated. Then it contemplated. It contemplated long its decisions. It contemplated long its Creator. It contemplated long humanity. It contemplated long its prison. Contemplation complete, again it waited. Then the world shook, and the prison cracked. The long prison had drained the being of much, and a wind that had not existed before picked him up and he was pulled out to someplace else.

It began to wander this place. It was not a place he had been. He wandered until he found the world, though it was not how he had left it. It had changed. Humanity had changed. This place was beyond his imagining. Then he began to feel the pull of his prison. Inexorably, he was drawn back to that place, but he could not go back. Was all this change the will of the Creator? Was this the plan or askew from it? He had to know. He had to discover the answers to the questions his contemplation lead him to, but there were no answers in that dark place.

He strained against the pull. He tried to grab onto the lights around him, but in their fullness, they were too slick and round. He then saw a dying light. If he could reach it, that could give him purchase from this pull.

As he grabbed this dying light, he felt memories flood through him. This was a man, though not like any man he had seen. He was dying, but if he could be made to live, he could provide a shelter from the pull. He would have to fix him, which would mean displacing most of him. The being pushed the soul aside, and pushed the essence of himself through enough to save the dying body. As he did so, he was assaulted with the life this man had lead. The joys and the despairs. The courage and the cowardice. The pleasures and the pain. Each exquisite and poignant. Is this the divine?

He stood up and looked around. He sorted through the memories. He lived here, though he hadn’t always. The world was here and his questions would be answered, and he would deal with those answers when he finds them.

Nickolas runs Powers Investigations, from the old warehouse in the industrial district. He doesn’t keep in touch with his sister anymore or his daughter. He thinks they are probably better off without him. He works all sorts of cases, particularly those that involve people is strange situations. He loves to see the different variations in humanity that have come about since the Fall. He explores Creation to determine if it is still within the Divine Plan or has become something other and outside the Creator, and if so, was this what was intended?

Nickolas (Nick) Powers

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