The Pikesburg Chronicles

Interlude 1: Nick and Cathy

By lordofgibberish

- PookaKnight

Cathy: So, I was wondering, if you are this great demon, or angel, or whatever, what happened to the original Nick Powers.

Nick: (pause) Depends on what you mean. I got all of his memories. If you are talking about simply the continuation of his conscience, then it never stopped. But that’s not what you mean, is it?

Cathy: No, if your an angel, then souls exist right? So, where is his soul?

Nick: (deep breath) Honestly, I don’t know. Don’t give me that look…

Cathy: Aren’t you an angel of death, or whatever? Where do souls go when they die?

Nick: Wait, what question are you asking? What happens to souls when they die or what happened to the soul that was originally in this body?

Cathy: Both, I guess. I thought you said you took it over when he died.

Nick: I took the body when he was dying, not when he was dead. As for his soul, well, I’ve tried to figure that out, but no luck yet. See, when I moved in, I don’t know if I pushed him out or just pushed him down. My job was the physical part of dying, so souls were never my expertise. But, I can’t find him, not that it means much. I put out a lot of, ehh, static, I guess, so he could be hiding by being forced so close to me. I suppose, we might have merged together. That’s a strange thought. Or he could have just been pushed out and moved on.

Cathy: Okay, then, moved on where? I mean, what comes after?

Nick: I don’t know.

Cathy: WHAT!?

Nick: Only God knew the final destination, and we muddied the waters during the war. And that was ages ago, so who knows.

Cathy: You know, you really are kind of bad at being an “angel of death”? Are you sure you got your wings? I haven’t heard any bells recently.

Nick: Ha ha…

Cathy: So if you saw they beginning of the world, which one is right, the Bible or scientists?

Nick: That is one thing I find strange about humans, you always want one right answer. And if there is a right answer you want the rightest answer you can get.

Cathy: What’s wrong with wanting to be right? That’s how you get ahead, by being right, more than your wrong.

Nick: But two answers can be right, and the more right answer can be more wrong.

Cathy: Now you just aren’t even making sense.

Nick: Ok, well what are you wearing?

Cathy: Umm, Jeans and a t-shirt.

Nick: Or are you wearing the product of the Gossypium plant, that has been woven and bound to fit your body. If you want I could go look up the chemical names and give measurements of their sizes when worn and folded. Is that the right answer?

Cathy: But all you did is be more precise in saying the same thing I said. How is that any different my answer?

Nick: Ok, well lets try a different example. How do you get to the gas station from hear?

Cathy: Go out the front door, head to the street, then turn left, and walk a mile or two.

Nick: Well, what if I gave you the address instead. That could tell you how to get there.

Cathy: Only if you had a GPS.

Nick: Or if you knew the roads well enough. And what if I called you from somewhere else and asked the same question, then one answer could still be right, but the other would likely be wrong.

Cathy: Ok, I see you’re point but, does that mean the Bible or the scientists are more right?

Nick: Neither. They are just information given from different perspectives. The scientists are trying to work out mechanically what happened. By doing that they are translating the information they get from the world, and moving it through their world view filter. The Bible is a story the has been handed down from an angel telling about the beginning of the world.

Cathy: So the Bible would be more correct, since they had the whole story.

Nick: The scientists are about a fourth through a grainy movie they are watching backwards that is in a different language and they can only see the bottom fifth of the screen. The Bible is what an account of someone who knows someone, who knows someone, etc. who watches the movie forwards, can see the whole screen, is in his native tongue, but is telling people about it in a language he barely speaks. They source is the same, but the accounts are wildly different.

Cathy: Ok, so if neither is right, how about you tell me what ACTUALLY happened.

Nick: I can’t, I can only barely remember it, and, besides, your language doesn’t have the words to describe the parts I do.

Nick: Are you leaving, Cathy?

Cathy: Yeah, I have a test tomorrow. I was going to study.

Nick: Just be careful.

Cathy: Is something going on?

Nick: Something has been bugging me. Like the feeling before a storm. Call it a gut feeling, just watch yourself.

Cathy: I will.



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