The Pikesburg Chronicles

Session 0: Spirit

Enfys was driving a battered woman to the shelter when she noticed a distinct air of something otherworldly about her. Once Enfys got her there, she shared her concerns with Joan. Joan took the woman to the back to see a nurse and have a talk with her. The woman was completely unresponsive to questions. Joan prayed to a higher power for insight into this woman’s condition. She could see that the woman was faded, almost as though her very life force had been drained somehow. Joan and Enfys decided they should investigate.

At the woman’s apartment, Enfys tried to pick the door’s lock, but her pin broke off in the lock. She told Joan to keep watch while she set up a circle of candles and started chanting. When the chat reached its crescendo, she stood and walked through the door. From the other side, it was a simple matter to unlock the door and let Joan in. The two immediately started to investigate.

It was apparent that the woman lived alone in the apartment. However, there were definite signs of struggle and fighting all around. Just as they finished looking around the bed room and were returning to the main room, they heard a loud, angry voice behind them accusing them of being out too late and being unfaithful. They whirled around and could immediately see the man wasn’t entirely corporeal. He was obviously a spiritual entity of some sort.

Enfys tried to shut the door to the bedroom to buy them a little time, but he easily overpowered her and sent her flying across the room as he threw the door open. Joan stepped in with a message of God’s undying love and forgives. This gave the spirit pause, and he instantly vanished from their sight. The two didn’t know how long until he would return, so they worked quickly to enact a ritual exorcism that would strengthen the barrier between the physical and spiritual realms. The malevolent spirit would not be able to cross back over again.

Over the next few days, the woman at the shelter gradually opened up to them. She had an abusive boy friend. Even after she finally got the courage to leave him, he would still be waiting to torment her when she got home. Joan and Enfys assured the woman that her ex boyfriend would never be able to get to her again.



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