Enfys Lwys

"A hero...of sorts"


EN-vis EN like entry…vis…like…viscera…? Look its welsh okay?

On the tall side, average build, with dark brown hair cut short and greyish eyes. She looks like she could kick your ass…but she can’t. Seriously, she is the sort of person who’s muscle mass comes from yoga. Tends to dress in dark jeans, t-shirts, and jackets that tend toward punk but will change style for amusement or effect.

For Enfys, life is about the journey, not the destination. Whether its sitting with a Cult of Ecstasy mage passing a joint, testifying for the Prince of Vampires, or rounding a corner and discovering you’re working with an Angel of Death, its just another experience to make the journey interesting.

She’s a strange combination of cynic and idealist – believing that the status quo isn’t working and that even the smallest kindness helps push the world in the right direction. Though easily annoyed by other peoples poor decisions (“Why would you even BUILD a matter destroying bomb in the first place?!”), she’s also prepared to forgive your bad decisions pretty readily. After all, everyone makes mistakes.

Enfys: Will you wear the collar?
Joan: I could I guess.
Enfys: Its always more fun when you wear the collar.

Enfys: Maybe lets not include the part about a vampire killing him.
Joan: Why not? Are you worried about keeping them a secret? Its not OUR masquerade…

Joan: This is one of those times when I think I should wear the collar.
Enfys: Definitely.

Ms. Black: Its not…my…facility, but it is one of Ours, yes.
Joan: Enfys, you owe me $5.
Enfys: Damn it, am I seriously about to give a speech about not messing with things you don’t understand to the Technocracy?

Enfys: Never call me a wiccan again! Seriously, ANY other Verbena and you’d be walking home right now.
Joan: I apologize. Next time I’ll give a more accurate description of you to the police.

Joan: Somebody has to stay here with the bomb!

Joan: We can! Because we’re magic, and we care.

Enfys: When plan A is virgin sacrifice….what’s plan B?!


Enfys was raised in a small town a few hours from Pikesburg. Born to a Verbena family, and raised with their ideas of ancient tradition and magic, she was initiated in her early teens. Ordeals in her family are fairly severe, and the coven they are part of holds strictly to the old traditions and rituals.
But Enfys was more unsettled and open minded than her kin. Against their preference she applied to and attended university in Pikesburg.

At university she drifted between majors, not being particularly concerned with graduating with a degree – Medieval studies, Classics, Philosophy… Along the way she discovered an affinity for Correspondence magic, and a firm belief that her own family was too concerned with simply preserving the past and ignoring the rest of the world.

After graduation, again against her families wishes, she stayed in Pikesburg. Driving a cab (a career stumbled across after a college job driving elderly patients to doctors appointments and other errands), helping out with various volunteer organizations, and exploring the world on her own.

She has begun to believe that the prejudices between various circles are petty and beside the point. Though she is the black sheep of her coven, she’s not been actually exiled from the family. She returns home for awkward holiday celebrations and at the core of her practice her beliefs are essentially Verbena.

Through their joint work with a local shelter for battered women she met Joan – a local Episcopalian Minister and Celestial Chorus Mage. They found they shared a similar outlook on the world, and a similar goal of inclusiveness even though their approach was from oppose sides of the spectrum. They have since become fast friends and worked together on a variety of investigations.

Session Summaries

-Brought a disturbed young woman to the shelter, and joined Joan in investigating the supernatural cause of her abused state. They cleansed the woman’s apartment of a rage spirit – the lingering after effect of her previous extremely abusive boyfriend.

-Asked by Dante to deal with a murder done by a vampire in the alley behind the Second Circle. Investigation led them to a group of runaway teens who also happen to be mages and had been tricked into drinking vampire blood. After purging the vampire blood from their leader, meeting Amane the some-sort-of-demon who lives in the warehouse district and protests for the environment, they gave evidence to a group of the local vampire elite for the Prince and probably made a powerful enemy. Although the Prince definitely owes them a favor.

- Out for a drink with her new demon-friend Amane (Enfys doesn’t judge), met a fellow investigator (one who actually gets paid for it) Nick Powers. After offering him some information about a case he’d just been asked to help on – the bombing of the local NSA building which happens to be the local Technocracy front – she and Amane join him to look at the crime scene. A seriously impressive multi-dimensional bomb was used and something was spirit walked right out of the Technocracy storage. Investigation goes quickly when you can extend your senses to other places or chat up the recently dead. After finding a magic-zombie-werewolf who also happened to be Amane’s ex-boyfriend, and being traffic stopped by Agent Black who admits that a two part matter-destroying BOMB was the stolen property in question the team went hunting terrorists. After tracking them to their underground base, and following the threads of the hole their leader ripped in reality to help them escape, a mage, a demon, a fallen angel of death, and a technocrat fight a zombie werewolf in an alley for an anti-matter bomb. Enfys ends up feeling with half a bomb, which still resides in her living room as she has no idea what else to do with it and she’s sure as hell not giving it BACK.

- Not long after this excitement Joan finds the Shelter is getting a surprising influx of women from a district in which the news informs her an industrial accident has just occurred. Enfys and Joan head to the accident cite to make sure its no crazy supernatural bullshit. Of course it turns out it IS crazy supernatural bullshit. Living shadows possessing people and leaking out into reality thanks to the Technocracy. Enfys takes a glimpse into the core of the problem and discovers a tear in reality created by some sort of machine being tended by possessed workers. After some attempts at convincing the Agent-in-Charge Ms Black that the situation is in no way contained, an effort to explain how Enfys knows un-knowable information is interrupted by possessed workers shooting guns at them. As an awkward tech and mage team, they circumvent the defenses and attempt to shut off the machine which in the end requires an impressive physical sacrifice from Joan in order to seal the gate between realities magically. Ms Black kindly suggests the mages leave before her superiors show up, which seems like a great idea to everyone involved. Joan spends the next week in bed with the ‘flu’.

- After the cold-war style efforts of the technocracy to combat the potential of another trans-dimensional explosion, Enfys starts to look into how such an explosion was created in the first place – doubting that zombie-werewolf possess the necessary power. The investigation leads her and Joan to a potentially unrelated ritualistic murder which seems to have called up “Satan” to raze the Second Circle. With a bit of failed magic, and exorcising “Satan” with some holy water, it begins to look like the whole thing was a distraction to keep them away from Joan’s church. Returning there proves this may well have been the case, as the church has been broken into and desecrated, as well as grave robbed…

- A magical and less magical reconnoissance of the church reveals that the desecrating grave robbers failed to find what they were looking for…and also that what they were looking for is an ancient seal that if broken unleashes a horned serpent bound long ago with the help of a thunder bird (nope, I’m so not letting that one go) – at least, according to a dead native American. After a police report for vandalism and a restless night sleep out heroes reconvene to discuss what possible plan someone would come up with when ‘virgin sacrifice to summon satan as distraction’ fails…when they are interrupted by a phone call from the Women’s Shelter that sounds Very Urgent. They walk into the lobby to discover a crying terrified woman wearing a bomb, which is admittedly not what anyone expected. The woman barely manages to say “they made me” before she’s possessed by someone calling themselves “Odium” (“Hatred?!” says Joan, who has a lot of latin in her education). Odium calls out Joan, threatening to destroy her and the shelter unless she gives him the seal. Of course our heroes don’t actually have the seal, but that argument falls pretty flat. During the ensuing back and forth between Joan “the Guardian of the Seal” and Odium, Enfys uses the distraction as an opportunity to ward the poor forced-bomber, cutting off Odium’s connection to her and effectively ending the bomb threat. After some spin doctoring with the police that would have made Ms. Black proud, Odium’s victim is safe and Enfys and Joan are left wondering what Plan C could possibly be once they’ve already gone through sacrificial murder and a bomb…

- With Odium gone silent, our heroes plan a somewhat overcomplicated trap involving a replica artifact seal, the imbuing of quintessence, and very probably angels. Joan researches and Enfys talks a local drug dealer into a free sample of ‘red eye’ – the newest designer drug on the street – to make sure its just plan bad for you instead of supernaturally bad for you. Before she can work on that however, plans are interrupted by Penny and a seance gone wrong. While investigating the spirits (corrupted souls of the dead, attacking the spirit of a young woman) Joan accidentally draws their attention. A complicated ritual to ban the souls from a warding circle is performed and the disembodied young woman turns out to be a mage named Didi. After abusing the correspondence circle to get Didi back to her body and out of the spirit realm, a short conference of war is held because….apparently….‘the devourer’ is on her way to Pikesburg. What could be drawing something like that here? I mean its not the nicest town but surely some drugs, virgin sacrifice, and Odium aren’t enough to actually draw The Unborn…

- Some quick magical investigation proves that ‘red eye’ is made with vampire blood. Which has all sorts of unfortunate implications. The issue is brought to the Vampire Prince (after an unfortunate amount of working around the fact that the Prince says he owes you a favor and then doesn’t give you his cell phone number, or even friend you on facebook), and Gabriel the bodyguard/limo drive/apparently blood hunt enforcer is lent for the investigation. Rumors have begun to spread about a local women’s shelter that seem to subtly implicate Joan in drug scandal, but it could all be a coincidence. That is until a trap at a heavily warded warehouse meant to implicate Enfys proves it is in fact personal. You dare misuse Verbena informative pamphlets? Oh, now ITS ON.

Enfys Lwys

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